The phone company with good vibrations

Vimla is a Swedish telco with good vibes only. No hidden fees, no bad deals and no crazy terms. In other words, good vibrations are in the center of the brand.

Launching their new concept, “The phone company with good vibrations” (Mobiloperatören med bra vibrationer), we focused on the good vibes in the Vimla DNA where a friendly approach to customers and stress-free mobile plans are at the core of the communication.

To bring the concept to life, we've created three comedic films with a nostalgic 90's vibe, each showcasing unique visualizations of vibrations that represent the positive vibes of being a Vimla customer. And of course, the iconic green SIM-card is making its appearance in each film, connecting Vimla to the mobile world and spreading recognizable feel-good energy.